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The Story of My Life of Overcoming Obstacles and Doubters

Project type

Motivational - Inspirational


December 2023

Word Count

3,787 words

▸ In this blog post, I write about the story of my life with facing numerous obstacles, such as being kicked out of school, working as a cleaner, and overcoming language barriers.

▸ Doubters fueled my determination, turning negativity into motivation and proving those who underestimated my potential wrong.

▸ My journey involved overcoming challenges in various professional roles, from transitioning from a cleaner to a successful career in banking to establishing and running a real estate business.

▸ The peak of our success came with the closure of the real estate company, allowing us to embark on a global travel adventure and the beginning of another dream of being a digital nomad.

▸ I emphasise the importance of setting goals, turning challenges into opportunities, continuous learning, staying true to yourself, and creating positive surroundings while highlighting the value of helping others and giving back.

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