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Staying In Hostels In Europe | All You Need To Know!

Project type

Travel Article - Tips


June 2022

Word Count

1,427 words

▸ This article, full of tips, is about European hostels that offer a range of accommodations, including shared dorms, private rooms, gender-specific dorms, and common facilities like communal kitchens, lounges, and shared bathrooms.

▸ Travellers can choose their room type based on preferences, budget, and travel companions, and sometimes private rooms may offer better deals than shared dorms.

▸ Hostels typically provide amenities such as free WiFi, breakfast or snacks, bar services, laundry facilities, and charging ports, while towels may incur an additional charge.

▸ The couple focuses on the fact that interaction with fellow travellers is easy in hostels, and safety is generally not a concern due to lockers provided for securing belongings.

▸ The article also concentrates on how travellers are encouraged to be considerate, follow hostel rules, and maintain cleanliness in shared spaces. Bringing essential items like flip-flops, earplugs, and a padlock is recommended for a comfortable stay.

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