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Gozo Camping Experience | Camping Gear and More

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April 2022



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403 words

▸ The article offers valuable tips for camping on Malta's sister Island of Gozo, emphasising the need to get a permit for camping from the local council, costing around €30.

▸ Here I mention a private camping site, Ruby's Camping Site, located on the outskirts of Marsalforn, with an approximate cost of €8 per person, suggesting early booking, especially during the Spring and Summer.

▸ A comprehensive list of camping gear and equipment includes essentials like tents, sleeping gear, cooking equipment, and recreational items.

▸ The article also outlines clothing and footwear considerations for camping, recommending comfortable clothes for both day and night, swimwear, and rain jackets for colder months, along with hiking shoes and flip-flops.

▸ An essential camping food and beverage list is included, covering various items from bread and tinned food to tea and hot chocolate, while also suggesting planning meals for those who enjoy BBQs and bringing along board games and playing cards for entertainment. The article emphasises the relaxation and memorable experiences that camping provides.

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