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How To Visit The Gozo Citadel

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December 2023


Citadel Gozo, Malta

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▸ In this blog post about the traveller who explored the historic fortress of Ċittadella in Victoria, Gozo emphasises the significance of guarding the island from pirates and showcasing the rich architectural tapestry shaped by different civilisations.

▸ Providing options for reaching Ċittadella, including hassle-free tours with Yippee Tours Malta, self-drive adventures, and chauffeured Tuk Tuk or Quad Bike tours, highlighting the convenience of each.

▸ Mentioning various activities within Ċittadella, such as enjoying panoramic views, exploring Cathedral Square and the Cathedral Museum, visiting the Museum of Archaeology, Folklore Museum, Gozo Nature Museum, and the Old Prison.

▸ Accommodation options near Ċittadella are suggested in this blog post for different budgets, ranging from boutique hotels to traditional farmhouses, guesthouses, and apartments.

▸ Useful information, including opening hours, ticket prices, the meaning of Ċittadella, and must-see attractions in the surrounding area, is provided, offering a complete guide for visitors planning to explore this historical fortress in the heart of Victoria, Gozo.

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