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Visiting Comino Island in Malta: All You Need to Know

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Destinations - SEO Writing


February 2024


Comino Island

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▸ In this article, I write about Comino, the smallest island in the Maltese Archipelago. It offers more than just the famous Blue Lagoon. With a rich history, including the historic abandoned hospital, Comino is a haven for nature lovers.

▸ One can find information on how to easily access Comino from Malta or Gozo through ferry services and guided tours. Yippee Tours offers day trips, including boat trips, sunset cruises, and visits to natural wonders like the Blue Lagoon and Comino Caves.

▸ You can find things to do, such as the iconic Blue Lagoon, the lesser-known Crystal Lagoon, and Santa Marija Bay, each offering unique experiences from sunbathing and snorkelling to hiking and exploring sea caves.

▸ Other activities range from diving and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon to hiking around the island's scenic trails and exploring its historic landmarks, such as St Mary's Tower and Santa Marija Chapel.

▸ Practical tips for visitors include sun protection, wearing proper footwear for hiking, staying hydrated, and being cautious while swimming due to strong currents.

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