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Matka Canyon | Macedonia’s Hidden Natural Wonder

Project type

Attractions - Destination


May 2022


Canyon Matka, North Macedonia

Word Count

544 words

▸ Matka Canyon, a hidden natural gem in North Macedonia, stands out as a top attraction for nature enthusiasts, offering an affordable and easily accessible escape.

▸ Situated about 15 kilometres from Skopje's city centre, various transportation options such as buses, cars, or taxis provide easy access to Matka Canyon, and visitors can enjoy free admission and parking.

▸ Before embarking on a visit to Matka Canyon, it's advisable to remember that while swimming in Matka Lake is possible, the water tends to be quite cold. There are dining options, including budget-friendly food stalls, but some restaurants connected to hotels may have higher prices.

▸ Various outdoor activities await visitors, including kayaking, renting boathouses for a day, enjoying boat trips to explore the canyon, embarking on hiking adventures along the 10-kilometre trail, and exploring cave tours guided by boat.

▸ For those planning to visit the Balkans, North Macedonia and its natural wonder, Matka Canyon, offer a fantastic day trip, making it a must-visit destination with breathtaking views and outdoor experiences.

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