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The Beauty Of Albania | Uncovering The Hidden Gems

Project type

Destination - Travel Article


June 2022



Word Count

1,295 words

▸ The article discusses a couple's travel experience in Albania, highlighting the friendly and helpful nature of the Albanian people.

▸ They mention their journey from the Albanian border at Qafë Thanë to the capital city of Tirana, where they explored the main square, the Memorial Tomb of Kapllan Pasha, and the Friendship Monument.

▸ The article also covers their visit to Ksamil, a hidden gem with beautiful beaches and the opportunity to explore uninhabited islands. They rented a scooter to explore the area and emphasise the importance of wearing helmets.

▸ The couple recounts an experience with fellow travellers in Ksamil and suggests visiting the Blue Eye, a fascinating water spring, and Butrint National Park, known for its ancient ruins.

▸ Lastly, the article briefly mentions their visit to Shkodër, where they explored Rozafa Castle and experienced the local culture, and it offers suggestions for finding accommodations in Albania. The couple expresses their love for the country and invites readers to share their experiences.

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