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Wandering Croatia | 100 Days On The Road

Project type

Destination - Travel Article


June 2022



Word Count

970 words

▸ In this article, the couple's adventure in Croatia revealed a country overflowing with diverse activities and experiences, making it a destination worth extending their stay for more than two weeks.

▸ Zagreb, a city they heartily recommend, offers an authentic travel experience. Exploring this charming city on foot is a joy; trams provide convenient transportation.

▸ Zagreb's must-see attractions include the panoramic views at Strossmayerovo šetalište promenade, the unique stairway of Zakmardijeve Stube Alleyway, the historic allure of The Stone Gate, and the hidden wonder of the Grič Tunnel in the city centre.

▸ Moving on to Split, Croatia's second-largest city, they found a vibrant atmosphere. The Riva promenade, Old Town's historical richness, and the breathtaking views from Marjan Hill were standout experiences.

▸ Their journey also led them to Hvar, a stunning Croatian island accessible by ferry from Split. Here, they celebrated their 100th day on the road and were treated to beautiful sunsets at Carpe Diem Beach. Croatia offers diverse accommodation options, from cosy hostels and convenient apartments to comfortable rooms and luxurious suites catering to various preferences.

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