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10 Days In Latvia | Māras Dīķis & The Incredible Jūrmala

Project type

Destination - Travel Article


July 2022



Word Count

636 words

▸ In this article, the couple speaks about their backpacking adventure when they explored Latvia, one of the Baltic countries known for its unique architecture, rich culture, history, and stunning coast.

▸ Their ten-day journey in Latvia was enriched by a local host named Liene, allowing them to experience parts of the country that were off the beaten path and connect with unique individuals.

▸ In Riga, Latvia's capital, they explored the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town, including churches, Art Nouveau architecture, and wooden buildings. They recommended Turgeneva Street for cultural insights and enjoyed traditional sweets.

▸ They highlighted serene places like Māras Dīķis Pond and Daugavgrīva Trail, offering natural tranquillity and bird-watching opportunities.

▸ Jūrmala, a famous Latvian resort between a wide sandy beach and the Lielupe River, was among their favourite places. They suggested spending a whole day exploring the area and trying the famous Madonas Alus Beer. They also mentioned their plans to revisit Latvia in the future.

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