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10 Days Wandering Around Poland | Travel Guide

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Destination - Travel Guide


April 2022



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1,140 words

▸ This article speaks about the couple's trip to Poland, which offers budget travellers ample historical and natural attractions at an inexpensive cost, including unique architecture, lush forests, salt mines, and the stunning Tatra Mountains.

▸ The country is the 9th largest in Europe and boasts the world's oldest salt mines, originating vodka, and the world's first upside-down house.

▸ Poland is celebrated for its delicious and affordable traditional dishes, such as pierogi.

▸ The couple began their Polish adventure in Kraków before exploring the city of bridges, Wrocław, and visiting its acclaimed zoo, the oldest in Poland.

▸ Renowned attractions in Kraków include the Wawel Castle, the Krakus Mound for panoramic city views, the Jewish District with its rich history, Zakrzówek Lake in a former limestone quarry, and serene walks along the Vistula River, which a relaxing boat ride on the river can follow. Poland is known for its reasonable accommodation options, and travellers can book through for additional discounts. The Maltese couple also recommends visiting Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains during the winter for a magical, snowy experience.

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