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The Serbia We Didn’t Know Existed | off the Beaten Path

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July 2022



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1,235 words

▸ In this article, I express our love for exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and provide an unexpected insight into Serbia, moving beyond its capital, Belgrade.

▸ Here, I share our unplanned journey to Serbia, where the decision to extend our backpacking adventure was a great choice.

▸ Serbia is presented as a diverse country with plenty of natural attractions, such as lakes, reserves, fortresses, ski resorts, and monasteries.

▸ I describe our enchanting experience in Mokra Gora, a picturesque village offering spectacular landscapes, including the iconic Šargan Eight steam train.

▸ The article also covers our visits to Novi Sad, a tranquil city on the Danube River and Belgrade's capital, highlighting several significant landmarks and providing fun facts about Serbia.

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