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Hitchhiking Adventures – 10 Tips and All You Need to Know

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September 2022

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1,189 words

▸ The couple, who are not expert hitchhikers but are passionate about the experience, aim to help those who wish to start hitchhiking but are worried.

▸ They share their excitement for hitchhiking, having tried it for the first time in Macedonia and then becoming addicted to this reliable and cost-effective mode of travel.

▸ The article defines hitchhiking as a way to meet new people and save money while acknowledging the need for patience due to potential waiting times and varying conditions.

▸ They provide the most successful 10 tips for hitchhiking, including being flexible with travel plans, choosing suitable pick-up spots, using clear destination signs, maintaining strong eye contact with drivers, being cheerful and smiling, and dressing appropriately.

▸ They also emphasise the importance of packing lightly and safety in choosing rides and recommend teaming up with someone when possible, particularly for female hitchhikers. Additionally, they offer a specific tip regarding writing signs for hitchhiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina to avoid misunderstandings.

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