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1 Year Since Our Life-changing Experience | What Happened?

Project type

Travel Article - Inspirational


July 2022

Word Count

1,057 words

▸ In this blog post, the couple discussed embarking on a year-long backpacking adventure through Europe, visiting fifteen countries with a focus on experiencing freedom and personal growth.

▸ Upon returning home, they found it challenging to readjust to their "normal" routine, feeling a void and missing the freedom and experiences of their travels.

▸ The difficulty of returning after long-term travel lies in the profound personal changes and perspectives they underwent.

▸ Feeling like new people with a greater capacity to handle life's challenges, they couldn't stay in one place long and embarked on a road trip in Slovenia to restore their travel spirit.

▸ Inspired by their adventures, they started a travel blog, which received a positive response, motivating them to keep sharing their experiences and planning new adventures.

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