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Save Money While Travelling | Tips and Tricks

Project type

Travel Article - Tips


April 2022

Word Count

639 words

▸ This article emphasises the importance of travelling on a budget and provides practical tips for saving money on the road.

▸ Travellers are advised to conduct thorough research about the countries they plan to visit and create a budget to allocate funds for various expenses.

▸ Realistic budget planning is encouraged, and travellers are advised to stay within their budget limits unless they have a reliable source of income.

▸ Tracking expenses is recommended, with app suggestions like Money Lover and Trail Wallet provided to help manage spending.

▸ The article suggests cost-saving measures, including avoiding bank fees with services like Revolut, choosing affordable accommodations, utilising public transport or hitchhiking instead of taxis, and being selective about spending on attractions and non-essential items.

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