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10 Best Destinations to Visit in 2022 | Must See

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Listicle - Destination


April 2022

Word Count

812 words

▸ The couple in this article list their top 10 travel destinations for 2022, each with an ideal time to visit based on weather preferences.

▸ They highlight unique attractions and experiences in each country, encouraging travellers to explore these less-visited destinations.

▸ The featured countries include Lithuania, Romania, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Jordan, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

▸ Each destination offers a combination of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and historic sites, making them suitable for various travel interests.

▸ The Maltese Couple suggest that despite weather preferences, the key is to explore new countries and embrace the adventure of travel, emphasizing that global warming can affect weather predictions. They also provide a link for booking accommodations.

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