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Stop Telling Us We’re Running Away!

Project type

Inspirational - Travel Article


August 2022

Word Count

1,041 words

▸ This article addresses common questions and criticisms this couple faces regarding their unconventional lifestyle, including questions about buying a house, marriage, having children, and whether they are "escaping reality."

▸ They express that settling down doesn't require owning a house; it's about finding happiness in whatever lifestyle one chooses.

▸ The couple defends their choice to spend money on travel, emphasising that travel provides happiness and experiences that overpower material possessions.

▸ They assert their independence regarding marriage and having children, asserting that these decisions are a personal choice.

▸ In this article, the couple encourages one to pursue one's dreams, be brave, and find happiness in one's chosen path while advocating for a supportive and non-judgmental attitude towards people with diverse goals and lifestyles.

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