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Ukraine Travel Guide – Tips For A Memorable Trip

Project type

Destination - Travel Article


June 2024



Word Count

1,202 words

▸ In this blog post, we share our positive experience and love for Ukraine, highlighting the country's affordability, entertainment, and welcoming people. It also confirms travellers' current safety in the country.

▸ One can find detailed information about visas, inexpensive internet options, safety measures, and travel insurance recommendations provided to help visitors easily plan their trip to Ukraine.

▸ The blog post offers different transportation options within Ukraine, including buses, marshrutkas, trains, taxis, car rentals, and hitchhiking, highlighting the ease of getting around the country.

▸ We highlight the must-visit cities like Lviv, Kyiv, and Odesa, sharing our experiences and suggesting activities such as visiting museums, kayaking, and exploring the vibrant local scenes.

▸ Lastly, you can find details and our advice for places to stay, tips on avoiding typical scams in Kyiv, and advice on splitting stays between different areas for longer visits. These provide helpful advice for travellers planning their trip to Ukraine.

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