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Visit Kosovo – Beyond Pristina & Volunteering Experience

Project type

Destination - Travel Article


June 2024



Word Count

1,798 words

▸ In this blog post, we share our road trip experience through Kosovo, highlighting breathtaking views, off-the-beaten-path spots, and the warmth of the local people.

▸ We provide practical information on getting around Kosovo, recommend road trips for reaching remote attractions, and provide detailed transportation options like buses and taxis in Pristina.

▸ One can find suggestions on different types of accommodations available in Kosovo, including hostels, apartments, guesthouses, and hotels, to enhance the travel experience.

▸ Other information can be found on the main attractions in Pristina and Prizren, as well as exciting activities like ziplining in Rugova Canyon, trekking in the Sharr Mountains, and visiting the Bear Sanctuary.

▸ We also mention our volunteering experience at SOS Children's Villages in Kosovo, emphasising the impact of contributing to local communities and supporting children's well-being.

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