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Xewkija - Church of St. John the Baptist

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Destination - SEO Writing


October 2023


Xewkija, Gozo, Malta

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▸ In this exciting article for Yippee Malta, I write about the oldest village of Xewkija in Gozo, dating back to 1678 when it became a parish. The name "Xewkija" means "thorny."

▸ The village is known for its iconic Rotunda church dedicated to St. John The Baptist, featuring a massive dome and a rich history.

▸ Xewkija is also home to the University of Malta's Gozo Campus and the historic Majmuna stone, bearing an Arabic inscription dating back to 1173.

▸ Visitors can reach Xewkija via Tuk Tuk and Quad Bike tours or by public transport, taxi, or car hire. Modern mapping services can assist with navigation.

▸ In addition to exploring the Rotunda church, visitors can discover historical buildings, visit Mgarr ix-Xini Bay, and explore the Ta' Cenc and Sanap Cliffs in the area with the help of tour services like Yippee Malta.

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