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Helpful Tips To Maintain a Balancing Life

Updated: Jan 19

Stacked, Rock Balanced, on the beach.

Ever find yourself weighing, as the clock relentlessly ticks away, how to achieve optimal work-life balance and a balanced lifestyle? Let's work it out like this: allocate 8 hours for sleep, dedicate another 8 to a full-time job, and what remains? Eight hours, apparently quick, yet vital for life's rich experiences. It's an endless juggle, containing everything from basic tasks to cooking, movie nights, and spontaneous moments.

In this article, we unravel the complicated tapestry of stress and anxiety and the purpose of mastering time management in the whirlwind of today's hectic life.

So, how do we reclaim those special hours and develop a balanced life with a positive mindset? Join me as we navigate these challenges and unlock the keys to a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.


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Time Management

Alarm clock in hand

Finding balance through effective time management has proven to be a game changer for me since my youth. Nowadays, it's easier to create balance by dedicating time to each task and responsibility, not only in a work-related context but also in enabling a fulfilling personal life. Efficient time management is a powerful tool for navigating daily challenges and meeting deadlines seamlessly.

Transitioning from paper task lists, I've found that Google Calendar is crucial in finding balance, enabling me to organise and prioritise every aspect of my day. As I start each day with coffee, my Google Calendar is my guide to focus on allocating specific time slots for each task and concentrating on priorities.

This approach to life, emphasising healthy work-life balance, has dramatically impacted my daily routine. Adopting a dedicated time management strategy can significantly improve your ability to live a balanced life if you're seeking compensation to approach life in your busy schedule.

Start today with:

  1. Download Google Calendar App

  2. Begin adding reminders and tasks for the coming days

  3. Every morning, make a tea or coffee

  4. Make it a non-negotiable first step to gain a clearer daily perspective and organise your time effectively.


  • Significantly reduce the stress associated with keeping tasks in mind.


A couple walking hand in hand

In navigating the demands of my own life, I've learned to prioritise and focus on essential and urgent tasks by allocating dedicated time and energy to high-priority items. There was a time when I sacrificed personal well-being and time with loved ones, giving minimal hours for sleep and exceeding myself at work. This imbalance, like mine, will affect essential areas of your life, restricting quality time with your partner, friends, and family.

Let's take my example below:

Urgent and important tasks

  • Task: An article with a due date to be published today.

  • Action: Prioritise and handle this task first for immediate attention.

Not urgent but important tasks

  • Task: I need to book travel insurance for my trip happening next year.

  • Action: Schedule this task for later. There is enough time to allocate.

Urgent and not important tasks

  • Task: My team and I received an email, and we need to answer it right away, but I'm in an online meeting.

  • Action: Delegate this task to your team to take care of it to stay focused.

Not urgent and not important tasks

  • Task: I am watching a movie with my partner, and my colleague texted me about something unimportant at work.

  • Action: Put your phone on silent and prioritise what matters most.

Set Your Goals

Female backpacker walking

In my life, achieving a balance between personal commitments and professional goals has always been my focus. I prioritise setting goals to ensure that I lead the best life possible. As a digital nomad and freelance writer, this journey has been fantastic. If you ask me about my ultimate goal, it's to travel to every corner of the world. On the other hand, I aspire to share as many beautiful stories as possible.

We all have various goals – the desire to travel the globe, build savings, buy a house, car, or boat, or conquer a mountain summit. The key lies in goal-setting, executed with a well-defined structure and purpose. Creating balance in life and synergy between personal commitments and professional aspirations are paramount to realising dreams and projects. Setting goals is not just important; it's the cornerstone to transforming aspirations into tangible and achievable realities.

5 Goal-Setting Tips:

  • Unleash Your Imagination:

Write as many goals as you want.

  • Break It Down:

Break down long-term goals into manageable steps.

  • Dream Big:

Dream your goals.

  • Balanced Effort:

Work hard, but find balance—don't overdo it.

  • Successes:

Set Boundaries

Two men shaking hands

In pursuing a balanced and fulfilling life, recognising that effective communication is the key to setting and maintaining boundaries is essential. Life has taught me to express my needs and limitations sincerely and foster a deeper understanding within my professional and personal circles.

Discovering the secrets to spending time with family without compromising work commitments is crucial to this journey. By creating boundaries at home, you can develop meaningful connections with loved ones while meeting your professional responsibilities.

But what about friends? Friendships are a vital piece of life's fulfilment. Efficiently managing your time to enable and maintain meaningful connections with friends provides a solid social life alongside other commitments.

Combining these key elements into your daily routine becomes the cornerstone of balance. It allows you to spend time with family, succeed in your work life, and develop lasting connections with friends, creating a pleasant and inspiring life.

Taking Breaks

Terrace view

Recognising the importance of balancing and creating balance in work-related and personal stuff is crucial. Taking breaks is essential, whether to regain focus or break up the routine. In today's digital generation, screen time plays a significant role for many, myself included.

Funnily enough, even during breaks, it's common to shift from the laptop to the phone, checking news or social media. This habit may disrupt the planned break, highlighting the need for a more mindful practice.

Breaks are highly effective for fighting boredom or monotony. I find rejuvenation by diverting my attention to activities I love. Whether planning our South America trip, including short physical activities, brewing a cup of tea, or basking in the fresh air and natural light on the terrace, these moments contribute to maintaining focus and balance.

Regardless of the nature of your work, prioritising breaks is vital for everyone. It's not just a luxury; it's necessary to maintain balance and a focused approach in all aspects of life.

Learn To Say No

Say it louder neon sign

Stop saying yes if you're doing it to please someone else. At times, the tendency to say yes to every request, whether from friends, siblings, or colleagues, can lead to more stress and a sense of feeling overwhelmed. Many of us have been there, constantly putting others before ourselves without considering the impact on our well-being.

I remember many occasions when I used to feel overwhelmed with work, didn't feel like doing anything, and wanted to rest. It became clear that prioritising my well-being was important, prompting a shift in mindset where I decided to put myself first before putting others.

It's a common scenario where individuals, even with plans already made, find it challenging to say no when someone suggests an alternative activity. This can arise from negative self-talk or a fear of disappointing others.

While I wholeheartedly believe in going above and beyond to assist everyone, it's essential to recognise the importance of setting boundaries. Every person has responsibilities, problems, and errands, and it's okay to prioritise personal time without succumbing to the pressure of saying yes to every request.

At work or home, there are moments when completing tasks and taking a break become a priority. Learning to maintain oneself and communicate when personal time is needed is a matter of upholding core values and maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Don't Feel Guilty or Obligated - 10 ways to say no

  1. I'm committed elsewhere.

  2. Currently, my schedule doesn't allow for additional tasks.

  3. Unfortunately, I've already made plans.

  4. Thank you for considering me, but I cannot.

  5. I wish I could, but it's not possible for me.

  6. I appreciate the offer, but I'll have to decline this time.

  7. I'm honored by the invitation, but I must decline.

  8. I'm sorry, I can't squeeze this into my schedule.

  9. I'm afraid that's not within my ability.

  10. Regrettably, I have something else.


Man covering his face

In the fast-paced nature of modern life, individuals often wrestle with the repercussions of an unbalanced life, leading to high-stress levels. The solution lies in practical stress management and finding balance, a crucial part of overall well-being.

Reflecting on my own experience, when my partner and I embarked on full-time travel for the first time, my stress levels peaked a week before departure. It wasn't just about the practical elements; it was a mix of emotions, from over-excitement to leaving my dog for an extended duration. This illustrates that stress and anxiety can arise from various sources, not just daily challenges.

Stress displays in different forms, whether it's the pressure to earn more money (sometimes for no reason), meet deadlines, or navigate common life issues. It's important to acknowledge that stress can occur even in situations with solutions. The key is to remember that for every problem, there is a solution; taking a moment to feel calm, sit, and reflect can deliver answers.

To facilitate a sense of calm among life's demands, strategically combining moments of relaxation, leisure, and self-care into daily routines is essential. Embracing activities that bring joy and fulfilment contributes significantly to achieving less stress and more balance in our lives.


Four men playing a game

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

Nurturing your relationships with your friends and family is paramount. Building a strong support system and fostering healthy relationships need purposeful attention and care. Balancing social time with personal relationships time is crucial to keeping these connections.

Staying connected with a family member can be difficult in the fast-paced rhythm of life, but prioritising family is essential. My parents raised me with the values of simplicity and relentless support. Even if living independently or travelling, technology allows us to bridge the distance through video calls, reaffirming our care for those who have supported us.

Friends, especially close ones, are priceless today despite finding them challenging. Once found, taking care of these relationships and prioritising spending time with them is essential. Building and sustaining healthy relationships with relatives and friends contribute immensely to a fulfilling and balanced life.

Physical and Mental Health

Balance training at sunrise on the beach before surf session

Life can get crazy busy, and we often ignore the importance of our well-being, mental health, and physical exercise. It happens to the best of us, right? We're plunging into work, clocking those overtime hours, and failing our regular one-hour walk or hike. I've been there and done that, and it feels like falling into a no-win situation.

But let's pause and reflect. Our well-being is like the ship's captain—it should guide everything we do. Without it, nothing seems to run smoothly. So, here's the deal: we've got to find that sweet spot that blends mental and physical health.

To achieve a well-balanced life, it's crucial to prioritise both by focusing on physical health through regular exercise and mental well-being. These actions contribute to maintaining balance, whether eating healthy meals instead of junk, carving out leisure time, or picking up new skills.

Tip: If achieving a well-balanced life feels challenging, consider seeking a life coach's help. A life coach can guide you well with your mental and physical health through tailored plans and personalised guidance for your overall well-being. Don't hesitate to reach out and achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life.

A well-balanced life isn't just a luxury but a need. Let's make overall health a priority and rock that balance!

Celebrate The Simple Things

A girl throwing powdered colours at her

What's better than celebrating the simple things in life, whether achieving a good result in a course, completing a challenging task at work, buying your dream home, exploring the world, or even capturing a photo of a car you like? There's exceptional satisfaction in realising and celebrating such achievements.

Growing up in a family celebrating the small moments and positive things, I've carried this mindset into my present. Regardless of the scale of the accomplishment, each success is worthy. From completing a captivating story, an insightful article, a social media post or an interesting blog post, I feel satisfied in knowing that someone, somewhere, has learned something from the messages I share.

Life is too short to celebrate just the big victories. Whether big or small, each achievement holds value. It's essential to find happiness despite setbacks, recognising that failures are valuable opportunities for learning and development. Let's make the most of our time, celebrating the grand milestones and appreciating the joy of life's simple and small pleasures.


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