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TV | Special Guests

We were featured on the final episode of Popolin on National TV, discussing our visit to Syria, backpacking and hitchhiking adventures, and love for exploring unusual countries. We hope to inspire fellow travellers who share our passion for adventure.

Station: TVM National TV | Programme: Popolin E38

Presenter: Quinton Scerri

LinkedIn | Interview 2024

From a recruiter and a candidate to a great friendship along the way with a great interest in inspiring people, this is an amazing article about my life story chasing my dreams by Mirjana from Career Mindset. This is my story from quitting the business to being a digital nomad. 

Career Mindset | LinkedIn

Career Mindset - LinkedIn - April 2024.jpg

Interviewer: Mirjana Sečanski

Newspaper | Syria 2023

Syria Newspaper - & L-Orizzont - July 2023

Feature about our recent trip in Syria. Despite media stereotypes, we explored to learn about cultures and connect with Syrian locals. Grateful for the enriching experience and newfound family. This is a fascinating article discussing our journey.

L-Orizzont Newspaper | Portal

Journalist: Brian Gatt

Newspaper | Mongol Rally 2024

A feature about two Maltese couples taking on the legendary Mongol Rally to conquer the challenging route from Malta to Ulan-Ude, Russia. This brought the interest of the local media, ready to follow every step of the way.

L-Orizzont Newspaper | Portal

Mongol Rally Newspaper - & L-Orizzont - June 2023

Journalist: Brian Gatt

Facebook | Travel Interview

An interesting sit-down interview right in the heart of the Malta International Airport. A one-of-a-kind conversation taking you along on our backpacking adventure amidst the pandemic and answering questions about marriage, kids, and so much more. Portal | Journalist: Brian Gatt | Video: Alan Saliba

Location: La Valette Club VIP Lounge. Malta International Airport

Newspaper | Travel Interview

Back in 2021, and L-Orizzont discovered our journey on the road. Since then, they've been by our side, enthusiastically following our path. The journalist's curiosity sparked a barrage of questions. Some came from the reporter, while others from curious souls.

L-Orizzont Newspaper | Portal

Airport Interview Newspaper - & L-Orizzont - December 2022

Journalist: Brian Gatt

TV | 151 Days On The Road

Another exciting moment when we made it on one of the most popular TV shows, where we shared insights into our backpacking escapade throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hitchhiking countries, immersing in local cultures, and our journey in Ukraine.

Station: One TV | Programme: Prime Time

Presenter: Owen Bonnici

Newspaper | 15 Countries Trip

A spark of positivity. Some chase short trips, while others seek longer adventures. An interview about us as an inspiring couple when we embarked on a remarkable journey, exploring 15 beautiful countries and speaking about the daring spirit we both share.

Kullhadd Newspaper

Interview 151 days Newspaper - Kullhadd - March 2022

Journalist: Ramona Portelli

TV | Special Guests

Our backpacking journey became a hit back home, especially as we set off amidst the challenges of COVID-19. It's incredible – we got invited to share our story on "Kikkra Te" as the featured couple for the Valentine's Day programme.

Station: Net TV | Programme: KikkraTe

Presenter: Marilena Gauci

Facebook | The People of Malta

Initially bound for Asia, COVID-19 rerouted us to Europe. From Estonia to 15 countries, simplicity became our lifestyle – cooking and local stays. We embraced challenges, trekked beyond limits, and learned humanity's kindness knows no borders.

The People of Malta Portal

The People of Malta - December 2021

Journalist: Stephen Buhagiar

TV | Special Guests

Our first invite to Ghaddi S'hawn brought excellent responses, leading to a second invitation to share more about our European backpacking journey. Watch the first programme below, and let's continue spreading inspiration through our stories.

Station: TVM National TV | Programme: Ghaddi S'hawn E55

Presenter: Antonella Vassallo

TV | Special Guests

Our exceptional feature as guests aired on the National TV of Malta, where we unfolded the enchanting tale of our backpacking journey in 2021. Find out how we embraced the challenges of COVID-19 while carrying just our backpacks.

Station: TVM National TV | Programme: Ghaddi S'hawn E54

Presenter: Antonella Vassallo

End of the Adventure Newspaper - & L-Orizzont - December 2022

Newspaper | The End

Reflecting on our unforgettable European journey, we mark day 151 with mixed emotions. This experience turned dreams into reality, reminding us to seize today. What you can do today, don't leave for tomorrow." Our adventure may be over, but its impact lives on.

L-Orizzont Newspaper | Portal

Journalist: Brian Gatt

Newspaper | Dreams to Reality

Many of us dream; some stop in the dream, others live with the desire to fulfil it, and then some leave everything behind and go. A Maltese couple left the country last July on a long and, according to themselves, "unexplainable" journey.

L-Orizzont Newspaper | Portal

Interview 151 days - & L-Orizzont Newspaper - November 2022

Journalist: Brian Gatt

Radio | Travel Update

Our second radio interview was while we were in Hungary. Amidst the adventure, we delved into the extended travel period prompted by COVID restrictions and offered insights into our plans. Plus, we shared a teaser on our Wandering Beyond Blog.

Radio Station: Radju Malta | Programme: Zveljarin

Radio Presenter: Roderick Azzopardi Custo

Radio | Journey Explanation

Our backpacking journey, initiated amidst COVID-19, created waves and echoed widely back home. Its tale unfolded across various platforms, touching hearts across our nation. Please tune in to catch our first radio interview from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Radio Station: Radju Malta | Programme: Zveljarin

Radio Presenter: Roderick Azzopardi Custo

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